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Many homes and apartments in the greater Pittsburgh area cannot accommodate a central air conditioning system. That may be because the area is too small for a traditional HVAC, or perhaps it’s not equipped with the ductwork needed to circulate air throughout the premises.

For those confronted with this situation and wanting to enjoy the benefits of year ‘round comfort, a ductless mini split system installed by the experts at Sullivan Super Service just may be the ideal answer. A powerful ductless system can provide both cooling and heating without the need to install ductwork if your home doesn't already have it.

Ductless Mini Splits in Pittsburgh

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What is a ductless mini split?

In a number of ways, a mini split system is similar to a split-unit heat pump. Basically, the indoor and outdoor components circulate refrigerant that transfers heat from one area to another.

When the system is in the cooling mode, the outdoor unit releases heat into the air. In the heating mode, the reverse occurs. The outdoor unit absorbs heat from the surrounding air that is released into your home.

To explain a little more, instead of having a single indoor unit attached to ductwork, with a ductless system, multiple indoor air handlers are attached to a single outdoor unit.

Each of the air handlers is wall mounted and is attached to the outdoor unit through wires and refrigerant lines running through the walls. The system sends cool or warm air through the handlers into individual rooms without any ductwork.

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What are the benefits of a ductless system in Pittsburgh?

A ductless system is not necessarily the answer for every home, but for those for which they are suited, the benefits include:

1. Comfort the year around

Since ductless systems often use heat pump technology, the system will keep you cool in the spring and summer and cozy and warm when the temperatures plunge.

2. Energy efficiency

Ductless systems use less power because they have smaller components. For good measure, since they don’t use ductwork for heating and cooling, the air doesn’t gain or lose heat while moving to a particular room.

3. Individual control

Since each air handler operates separately from the others, you can vary temperatures from room to room while cooling or heating only those areas that need it.

4. Better air quality

Dirt, dust, pet dander and other debris can collect in the ductwork of a regular HVAC system, and much of that can be blown into the air you’re breathing. Since you no longer have ductwork, indoor air pollution tends to be much less.

Do ductless mini splits increase home value?

While it’s impossible to provide a specific percentage or dollar amount answer to that question, it seems only reasonable to assume that adding a mini split system to your home will increase its value. It is, after all, a home improvement, and one likely to add value in the eyes of prospective buyers interested in lower utility costs.

Ductless mini split service in Pittsburgh from Sullivan

If you already have a mini split ductless system, or if you’re interested in having a system installed, Sullivan Super Service offers a full range of ductless services.


Installing a new ductless mini split system will provide energy efficiency and year ‘round comfort and convenience in your home, while potentially increasing its value.


Like any cooling and heating system, ductless systems need to be properly maintained, and the professionals at Sullivan Super Service can handle that for you.


No matter how well you maintain it, things can go wrong with your ductless system from time to time. All our trucks carry a huge inventory of replacement parts, and our cooling and heating specialists should have your ductless system back in good running order in no time at all.


Despite proper maintenance, all equipment eventually wears out, and if your ductless system is close to 15 years old, you might want to think seriously about replacing it before it starts giving you problems. We can do that, too!

Contact the pros at Sullivan Super Service

Whatever your ductless system needs in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas might be, contact the professionals at Sullivan Super Service. Installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement, we can do it all. And the pros at Sullivan will never quit until you’re completely satisfied, so call us today!

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